Thursday, 12 July 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing UPDATE

Hello Whovians!!

I apologise, it's been a whilst since you all had an Impossible Crossing update and a sneaky peek at some behind the scenes art!
You've been introduced to the Harriet, Howard and the rest of the Daniels family, and of course the Doctors you all know already. So today I'll let you have a gander at some studies for additional background characters that'll feature in the comic.

Most of theses studies are of members of the Titanic's crew, and of course the uniforms and insignia have been throughly researched, however there are a couple of additional passengers also! Some of the characters here are based on people who were actually present on the Titanic, we've done our homework to ensure that there is a bit of historical accuracy amidst all the Timey-Wimey!!

Also each character's likeness is based on an actor/actress, but I won't tell you who. You'll have to guess! :)

As far as progress of the 1st issue goes I'm just over half way with the pencils and inks! 10 pages to go before I start lettering and colouring!
But although the finished thing is a little way off yet, don't worry I'll soon start revealing a few odd panels to keep you all excited!
Ooooo also I've also got a bit of news
Geek Syndicate's Luke Halstall was lovely enough to give a little review of the 5 page Prologue, that launched back in April. You can find Luke's article here

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