Saturday, 4 August 2012

Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing - Issue 1 sneak peek!!

Hey there Whovians!!

Progress with Issue one of Doctor Who: The Impossible Crossing is steaming along!
I've 8 pages left to pencil and ink, then I'll be lettering and colouring all 17 pages (the 1st 5 pages of course are the Prologue that's already been uploaded!)

So anyway, I thought it was high time you all had a sneaky peek at something new and what a better place to start than Panel 1 of Page 6!

From now on I'll be showing you a few behind the scenes snippets from the actual issue, so stay tuned for another sneak peek!
If you want to see the 5 pages that proceed this sneak peek, then don't forget their up and available to read right here in the Prologue:

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