Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Resistance! Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein

This time(ish) last year I was currently working on an intro comic for Resistance, the supplement to the Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein RPG created by Iain Lowson. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RPG, Matt Gibbs (editor on Resistance and writer of our Bayou Arcana story; "Promises") words it best:  "Dark Harvest is a grim reinvention of Mary Shelley's classic tale, set in an alternate history in which Victor Frankenstein hijacks the unification of Romania, during the Balkan conflicts of the mid-1800s, and creates his own country renamed Promethea."

My work on the comic, along with additional stand alone illustrations and a couple sketches of new characters based on competition winners, all feature inside this fantastic addition to Promethea's mythology, which is now available to order from the Cubicle 7 website!!
Currently you can get your hands on the PDF, or if you can wait a week or two the hardcopy shall also be available!!

Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein's first published rulebook recently won a Griffie for Best Roleplaying Product at Compulsion 2012!! 

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