Sunday, 6 February 2011

William Brockridge

Meet Lord William Brockridge.

Matt's description of this guy left a lot of room for exploration: "A former Confederate Colonel, Brockridge is a worn and bitter man, a relic of an old ideology. Think grizzled and stern, but hollow with age. An eye lost in battle is covered by a patch, the other broods under bushy brows, lips hidden under a thick handlebar-moustache."

His likeness is based on good 'ol Edward James Olmos!

For Brockridge's clothing I researched typical jackets etc for Confederate Colonels of the Civil war thinking that Brockridge would be proud of his younger more successful days, wanting to relive them in a way and hang onto that old ideology. He'd wear medals of achievement on his chest at any occasion to mark his past victories. But underneath all that past glory his clothes appear old, faded and musty, revealing his present financial state to be waning.

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