Monday, 7 February 2011

Eleanor Brockridge

Today's character is Lady Eleanor Brockridge, wife to William Brockridge from the previous post.

Matt's description for her was; "Younger than her husband but just as bitter, Eleanor regrets a life wasted, wedded to him, and their families fading fortune. Think elegance faded and beauty aged, and instead of embracing the years trying to mask them under makeup and jewellery."

Her likeness is based on a combination of Kate Vernon's hair, nose and face shape, with Cristine Rose's eyes, mouth and cheekbones. I imagined Eleanor to have heavy lidded eyes and a tight lipped mouth to extenuate her distain toward her marriage and sour demeanor.

Eleanor's dress design is very typical of our 1890 time period; high neck, padded shoulders and embroidered details, all of which I feel make Eleanor look elegant but much older than the other women in the story. Like her husband her stern appearance has an air of dwindling wealth clinging to past glory, a dusky lavender dress matching the muted colours of her husband's clothing.

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