Friday, 11 February 2011

A Varmint's World

With all my Bayou Arcana character sketches recently, I feel I've been neglecting that little town in vermont home to the Varmint.

Following correspondence with Don after my last post featuring the Varmint, he mentioned that the character designs were getting a little too complex for the art style he wanted to be referenced. So I've taken a step back from character designs and am trying to suss out the Varmint's world.
Then once I have the environment sorted hopefully it'll be a simple matter of adapting my previous designs to fit the setting!

The art style Don has asked me to base the illustrations on is American Folk Art, apparently very very popular over there, with artists such as Warren Kimble being the most popular!
Here is an example of what I was trying to achieve the look of -

As you can see from these pics, American Folk Art is pretty flat and two-dimensional, with little perspective. With my adaptations of the style for the Varmint stories I have tried to keep these aspects but train them for a modern setting that is timeless and more familiar for children to identify with.

So first up then is Emma's House... (Emma is the main character in the stories)

Can you spot the Varmint hiding??

This is Emma's town, or part of it at least... Can you spot which house is Emma's?

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