Friday, 4 February 2011

Margaret Belmont

This next character is an Actress; Margaret Belmont.

The description Matt gave me of her was; "Fiery and flirtatious, Belmont craves adulation, defining herself by the opinions of others. Think attractive and seemingly at ease with herself, she tries to be larger than life to attract the attention that sustains her."

The visual reference I had to her appearance was Jodie Foster; small, slim and sharp. I decided to go for Jodie as she looks these days, so Belmont looks a little past her prime and showing her age slightly. She's still flirty and attractive but with an undertone that shes having to work a little harder to keep the once effortless good looks that got her into the acting business. This also sets her apart from the natural innocent beauty of Alice and makes us feel like she would do anything for fame!

Dress wise I thought a vivacious scarlet and black lace number would best suit our Miss Belmont! The design was based on an 1890 walking suit, the bottom of the dress is hitched up for better movement, so the boots are visible.
With her busy lifestyle and need to uphold a public face where ever she goes, I imagined her looking both fashionable and stylish but practical.

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