Saturday, 29 January 2011

Theodore Jackson

This young chap is Theodore Jackson.
More commonly known as Jackson, he is a member of the ferry's crew. Matt describes him as being "strong, with a good heart, but easily led, Jackson doesn't fully understand the work The Captain and his crew perform. Think handsome and striking, with an easy smile and honest intensity to him."

His likeness is based on actor, Noel Clarke!

Finding accurate pictures of how working African Americans dressed in 1890 was really quite difficult! I've tried to cobble together bits and pieces from various periods in the century that Jackson, being poor and working class, might have dressed. The hat is the only shady area, but I thought it added to his rather happy-go-lucky character to have a soft peaked cap at a jaunty angle!
The sepia-like colours I've used I hope play up the contrast between Jackson and the richly dressed and coloured upper-class passengers, and show instantly the social divide and segregation that was true of this period in America's history...

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