Monday, 31 January 2011

Edwin P. Waldrip

Governor Edwin P. Waldrip is as his name sounds, a large and pompous man who has stepped over many people to get into the position of wealth and authority that we see him. He is also Alice's guardian!

Matt gave me this description of him to work with: "Waldrip defines the words bombastic, callous, egotist and pompous. Although a jowly and Jovian looking man, he is in reality remorseless and ruthless with the weapons he has - wit and wealth. Think corpulent and pudgy, but with steel in his eyes and downturned mouth."

His likeness is based on actor Ian McNeice.

For Waldrip's clothes I researched upper class men's fashion in the 1890's, and eventually came across a photo of a Governor/Congressman called William McKinley and based the style of Waldrip's jacket, shirt and tie on him.

With the colouring I hoped to achieve an impression that exudes wealth and style; a rich gold waistcoat contrasting against Royal and Navy blues. This guy obviously has the money to splash out on fancy clothes in the hight of fashion and likes to show off his wealth and power.

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