Saturday, 15 January 2011

That little Varmint!!

Last week Don came over to discuss the few drawings I'd previously done of the Varmint character. He also dropped round a book and some photos, along with a cuddly toy that he'd picked up several years ago that reminded him of what the Varmint might look like!

Here's the beast varminting around while I try and re-define my character sketches.

I incorporated Don's suggestion for the Varmint's colouring to be more red, white and dusky blue, he is after all an American animal!
I also tried to make him look a little less like a Red Panda and more a new animal entirely that has a blend of Panda, Raccoon and Tabby cat.

The Varmint is the cause for various little every day annoyances, like a sock that has gone missing...
And he is always there, just out of sight. Especially when there is food to be had!

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