Friday, 7 January 2011

Bayou Arcana

Along with The Varmint from Vermont, my other very exciting project is Bayou Arcana!

Bayou Arcana will be an Anthology collecting short issue comics from a variety of writers and illustrators. The basic concept is the creation of one man; James Pearson, but the writers and artists involved can take his Arcana universe and shape it to anything they like within their short stories!!

When Matt Gibbs approached me with an idea of teaming up to create a story within this project I made no hesitation in getting involved! So While Matt is writing up the first draft of the script I'm exploring with what I can do with our portion of the Arcana River and it's inhabitants.

I started off sketching from images sourced from google, anything and everything I could find that resembled a swamp or bayou. I made sure to keep these sketches quick, loose and free, spending about 30 - 45 mins on each. Oh and apologies for the quality of the photos, although the sketchbook I'm using is very very lovely it's slightly too big for the scanner..

Here I've started to tighten up a bit and think more about the gnarled shapes of the trees and the Ferry that features in our story.

I'll be working up some coloured sketches next, so stay posted!

Also to visit Matt's Blog, Click here!:

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