Friday, 29 March 2019

Pet Portraits - Peanix

Hey everyone!

I've another pet portrait commission to share with you today.
This piece is the latest in a series of commissions I've been asked to provide for one particular animal lover who has a penchant for pet name puns!

You may remember previous posts featuring furry felines; The Goblin King and Batroc the Leaper. And feathered fowls Hawkeye and Peckasus. (okay, thats enough with the alliteration..)

Yes, Paul with his amazing menagerie is back with a new addition; a beautiful Peahen called Peanix!

This commission of Peanix is A3 in size and coloured using Copic Markers. The text is also hand drawn and rendered in the style of the classic X-Men comic logo.

If you'd like to check out more of my commissioned Pet Portraits, be they caricatured like this one or more traditional in style, click here!

But if this has inspired you with a portrait idea for your pet, then just drop me an email:

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