Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Nottingham Comic Con 2016 - MULP #3 Launch!

Although 2016 has seen itself through to the New Year already I suddenly find myself drastically behind in all the write-ups and blogs I didn't get round to posting before the year was out!

So I'm going to start 2017 by tying up all the loose ends before I do anything else. One such loose end is my write up of Nottingham Comic Con!

So lets take a short trip back in time to Saturday 29th of Novemeber 2016, where MULP: Sceptre of the Sun made it's second appearance at Nottingham Comic Convention along with Chris and Laura Wildgoose with Improper Books.

 As well as our usual array of books, from all ages Knight and Dragon and Night Post to the darker tales of Porcelain and Briar, our table was also sporting the latest release from the Improper fold and celebrating the launch of our own MULP: Sceptre of the Sun #3!

It was great to be back at Nottingham, it is such a pleasant con to exhibit at!
We saw many people returning to get the latest instalment of MULP, as well as new faces starting their collection. It was also great to have an opportunity to hang out and catch up with so many other creators and friends, much fun was had in the evening and I was glad to be staying another night!

Chris and Laura were on top form also sketching and signing in books as well as appearing on panels, despite being fresh from travels to Paris and their tour with Delcourt, the publishers of the French edition of Porcelaine! Read about it on the Improper Blog here!

Big big thanks for everyone who stopped by our table, it's been proven for a second year running that Nottingham loves mice! So Thanks for coming and making it such a great con to exhibit at! Thanks also to the organisers for taking care of us and extra special thanks to Kev who invited us along again!

I'm very much looking forward to Nottingham 2017!

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