Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Botanical Fairies

As you can see from my earlier posts the pet portraits have really begun to take off, which is great! I really enjoy doing them!

However this commission I'm going to share with you today was a request for something completely different, but equally exciting.

Last year I took part in the Inktober challenge and used it as an opportunity to get some little ideas out of my head. I used the theme of Botanical Fairies to turn flowers, fruit, vegetables and other plants into little creatures all of which I posted daily (or as dally as I could) on my Instagram.

I dedicated no more than roughly 10 mins per sketch so they are rough and undeveloped, but the stepping stone to some interesting character design and potentially a series of prints!
Well someone else saw the potential in them and commissioned me to draw their favourite four as a christmas present for their sister.

The four that they chose were Dandelion, Thistle, Lavender and Blackberry.

Using real life reference and my Inktober doodles as a starting point I was able to develop the ideas further into these 6x4 inked and watercoloured illustrations. 

You can check out my original Inktober sketches for Dandelion, Thistle, Lavender and Blackberry by clicking the links on their names, or take a look at my Instagram as a whole here!
If these have taken you're fancy then please take a look through the rest and I'll happily re-create any of them for you!

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