Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kaylee - Copic Colour Process

Apologies for the radio silence folks, I'm hoping to be able to pick things up a bit on this 'ol blog after having sorted out my life a bit!
Anyways, lets kick this off with the colour process I promised back along for the Pet Portrait I did of my rat Kaylee!
(Check out the full illustration here!)

Y28, BG10

Y28, BG10, BG15

BG93, BG96
B32, E57, E33

YR00, RV29, R35, R59
YR00, R02, E51, E33, W-1, W-3

R17, Y02, YG41, W-1, W-3
G21, YG67, G28

R02, YR68, YR04
R02, YR68, YR04, R17

R17, R46
R02, YR04, YR68, R17, R46, R59

W-1, W-3, Y02, YG91, G21

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