Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Swamp Thing/Poison Ivy - Birthday crossover pic!

A fun crossover idea I had which I decided to draw and ink for fellow geek and comic hoarder, Lee Grice, for his Birthday back at the beginning of June.

The thought of Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing struck me as a cool concept to explore, Ivy having dominion over all plant life and Swamp Thing who was made entirely out of plant matter!
Surely Ivy would be able to completely control Swamp Thing's body, even if his mind resisted? Here I have depicted her almost puppeteering Swampy, making vines actually grow out of his arms and roots encase his lower body.

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY LEE!!! :)


  1. When I clicked here to see this, I just though, what a lovely illustration. I didn't read the copy and just keep coming back to look at the image. It took about three minutes before I saw what was really going on. And it wasn't all at once, as more revealed itself. Excellent work!

    1. Hey! Thanks very much!!
      I'm glad that it's continually inspired you, and didn't reveal it's secrets all at once! I love it when you can look at an illustration for ages and discover new things, and I'm so pleased to think that's happened with one of my own! :)