Friday, 29 April 2011

Promises - Page one Pencils

Here're the panels, featured as separate illustrations in the previous post, brought together to form the first page of Promises!
Admittedly, at the moment the page seems a bit messy and the borders to the panels a tad indistinct, but hopefully the boundaries and gutters will become clearer with the colouring!

Also here is a version with a kinda victorian inspired frame motif around the inset panels. I had an idea to frame the smaller panels in this way throughout the comic, starting with them looking all ornate and fancy and then progressively deteriorating, becoming cracked and mossy, matching the pace of the story.
You may notice that the frames are actually themed to what they are framing! Inset panels 1b and 1c specifically have a smoke/chimney stack and water/wave motif!
This kinda helps separate the panels a bit more than the first version with something a little bit more of interest than just a plain border.. Hopefully it doesn't distract too much from the pacing of the story, I'll be trying versions with and without this framing.
Feel free to let me know which you prefer though!

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