Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Octopus E Sting, IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!


E4 have Launched their E Sting competition!!!

Can you believe it... After spending last summer making this animation to only find out (after numerous unhelpful emails) that the competition was not going ahead for 2010, E4 have finally launched it for 2011!!

You can find all the development drawings, colour concepts, bits of animation and the roller-coaster communications with E4 about their sluggish launch right here!

Of course this means that I have got the hard part all done and dusted, and once I've sorted out the last niggly bits of animation and added a sound bed, it'll be ready to upload well within the closing date in July!!!

So please, please, PLEAAAAAAASE!!! When the time comes, vote for me!!! :D

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