Thursday, 28 April 2011

BA Promises - Page one progress!

Now that all the pages for Promises have been roughed up, I had to think of the next course of action in drawing up the final pages. I'd already decided it would be best to draw the panels separately at a larger scale as single illustrations, and then compose the page within Photoshop, re-sizing the images respectively.
But to do this and have all the single panels come together with no stretching or gaps I would need to do some serious measuring.

So here is how I've done it!

I marked out and measured up the layout for page one to scale - 17cm x 26cm

I then drew a kinda exploded diagram of the page showing the panels as separate boxes, and did some maths to figure out the measurements to which I would be drawing each panel at.
I'd decided to draw at 1 and 1/4 scale (so a 1/4 larger than it will end up being...)
Then it was a simple matter of marking out those boxes at the larger scale, and drawing inside!

All that is left to do is bring each panel into Photoshop, with the initial in scale layout as a base template and re-size the panels to fit on top!!

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