Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wolves of Newfoundland

Continuing from my first post, here is where I'm at now with my graphic novel. The scenario here is that this Native American Indian, in wolf form, is watching the British scouts. I've posted up the sketch, the inked drawing and the final coloured image, just so you can see the image from each stage.

The two images below I actually did before this one. Although I did them in as two separate elements; the wolves and the landscape, and them combined the two in Photoshop. However doing this made finding a specific light source confusing.. From now on I shall do them as one whole picture like this one, starting with a little thumbnail sketch to plan out the composition and the light source.

The first image is the one I did initially, although after a couple of tutorials with Chris I altered it slightly. So now the lines of the mountains in the distance are finer, and the mountains and tree line are also less saturated in colour. Also I've taken the moon off centre and made the sky a warmer purpley blue, and introduced a little more green and blue into the wolves.

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