Friday, 26 March 2010


Let me introduce you to the Alpha of the Tribe.
The Alpha is not the Chief, he is rather the Chief's General; commander of the warriors. In this image I was going for a rather stormy and bleak feel about the landscape that is reminiscent of Newfoundland.
Now, let me explain a little about the workings of my Native American Tribe.
First off, there is the Chief, and like any good Chief he leads the entire tribe. Then there are 4 Elders; holy men/women, who are in tune with the spirit of the elements (I'll explain more about these guys when I get round to drawing them). And of course ordinary citizens; men, women and children...
Then there are the hunter/warriors of the Tribe. These are people who by wearing the skin of wolves have learnt to channel the spirit of the animal and turn into a wolf. This enhances their effectiveness in tracking and killing prey, and gives them greater strength and skill in fighting. Through generations of performing this ritual the "wolf spirit" has become one with the members of the bloodline, thereby enabling the hunter/warriors to change into a wolf at will. The pack of hunter/warriors has a very wolf like structure with the Alpha warrior leading them, followed by the Beta second in command.
The Beta trains new generations and takes them out to hunt for food for the entire Tribe.
The Alpha However, does not hunt. He is in command of a group of "Elite warriors" within the pack, these guys are purely fighters.
Here are concepts for the Alpha in both human and wolf form. Note how the markings on his arm, chest and face match that of his wolf counterpart. The Alpha and the Elite warriors wear a Red Ochre war paint that distinguishes them from the other members of the pack. These markings are carried through into their wolf forms.

I will need to work up the concepts I have of the Alpha in human form and do some more finalised, inked up and coloured picturs, but I guess I'm still having too much fun drawing wolves!!

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