Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Alpha - Character development

I've finally decided to let the wolves alone and get cracking on developing my Native American characters
. I have already introduced you to the Alpha's wolf form, but here he is looking more human. I shall be sort of casting my characters, choosing real actors who I feel best embody the appearance of my character and using photos and screen shots of them for reference. This way I can approach my characters with a more informed vision. Just like how I've drawn wolves and landscapes with research into the real thing, I must also do the same for my characters.
Don't expect perfect portraits of these actors, I shall only be picking out defining features and making them my own character. In fact, comic book artist; Rags Morales uses this idea of casting characters too!

Anyway, the actor I have cast for the Alpha is Willem DaFoe, hopefully it isn't too obvious. I'm also toying with names for him, one possibility is Helushka, which is a Native American Winnebago name, meaning "fighter".

The next item in the works is an inked up head shot to be coloured in Photoshop.
Watch this space!

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