Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Frome Comic Con 2016

On Sunday 14th august the unassuming Somerset town of Frome became the welcoming host for comic and film fans, a huge variety of Cosplay, the TARDIS, Delorean, Diagon Alley, BB-8 and the BatPod amongst other things!

After receiving a warm invite from Frome's own comic creators and all round awesome couple, Lizzie and Conor Boyle of Disconnected Press, I found myself at a table in the Black Swan Arts with MULP: Sceptre of the Sun and a selection of other amazing comic creators; Vince Hunt from The Awesome Comics podcast and The Red Mask from Mars. JP Bove and Jess Bradley with works from TMNT, Transformers and the Phoenix comic and baby Jake! The gang from Big Punch Studios, it was lovely to meet you all! And Owen and Jazz from The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel!

Although this was my first time exhibiting at a convention solo, I found myself in the best company I could have ever asked for, thanks guys!!

Thank you also to everyone out enjoying the festivities who stopped by the Black Swan to chat!
It was awesome seeing so many young people and families out to experience something new and get involved with all that was going on.
The number of kids who stopped by the table to talk about how they love drawing and reading comics was fantastic! Athene and Pheonix, who I chatted with at length about My Little Pony and Attack on Titan! And the budding comic creator and moose enthusiast Xavi who likes to create stories with his moose characters. Not to mention Louis and his friend, a young writer and artist duo, who were out spending their birthday money on any and every comic in the hall!
It was a pleasure chatting with each and every one of you!

There was so much more going on outside of where I was in the Black Arts building though, I sent out my minions, Dan and Ian to explore the town. They came back with tales of a Superhero minifig scavenger hunt, a TARDIS up on Catherine Hill, the BatPod and Batman cosplay in the Archangel pub, Cheap Street dressed up like Diagon Alley, with House Sorting at the Leaky Cauldron and Wand Making all day. A Delorean and Back to the Future cosplay at The Cornerhouse, Pirates of the Caribbean at The Blue Boar, gaming and music at The Weatsheaves amongst movie memorabilia and traders at other venues! It was incredible to hear how the whole town got involved and embraced the multitude of things going on!

(Photos below by Dan and Ian)

Big big big thanks to Lizzie and Conor for inviting me and for doing such a great job in organising us all at the Black Swan. Here's hoping that Frome continues to host this awesome event next year!

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