Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bristol Comic Expo 2016

Back in May 2014, MULP: Sceptre of the Sun launched at Bristol Comic Expo. Though the convention saw a bit of a hiatus last year, on Saturday 6th August 2016 I am delighted to say that my home convention and the first con I ever exhibited at, returned to it's full glory!

This time round I was accompanied by the wonderful Dani Abram!

Dani brought with her copies of Razarhawk #1 and #2 which follow the adventures of the kick ass Kitty Hawk and her team of simian scientists as they save the world.
And Worry Wart, the book collecting her renowned autobiographical webcomic about the struggle of dealing with anxiety.

I of course had MULP #1 and #2 with me, along with my portfolio containing the original illustrations for the covers and splash pages from the two issues.

 Dani and I had an amazing time chatting with everyone who stopped by our table; the super cute mini-Supergirl and her dad. David and his friends, who bought MULP #1 and then came back after lunch for #2! Mike, who told us all about his independent art school (the Riverbank Art Centre) in Kingswood. Darren, who was able to stall his young son long enough from dragging him towards the star wars stuff to buy him a copy of MULP, and then mention it in his review! (Read the review here!)
And all the animal lovers, per rat owners and appreciators of all things small and furry who stopped by to chat!

Thank you, every one of you, for coming and making the return of Bristol Expo a success!

Also I'd like to thank that Miss Abram for hopping on a train all the way to Bristol, on a rather last minute decision, ON HER BIRTHDAY to spend all day sat at a table with me! 
You, my dear, are a legend! Love ya loads!

Being Bristol based I really do hope that this year sees the beginning of a full return of Bristol Comic Expo as it used to be, and that MULP will be there next year for a whole weekend of awesomeness!

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