Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014

On the 15th-16th Nov I FINALLY made it to Thought Bubble!
I've spent 3-4 years hearing about how awesome it is, how it's the best con of the year in the UK and have been exceedingly jealous of those who have been. So you can imagine my excitement when I not only got to attend reputedly the best convention but also exhibit alongside some of the finest people in comics today!

But, did Thought Bubble 2014 live up to my high expectations?
Yes it bloody did! The colourful banners, the pretty pretty books, the amazing cosplay and the sheer number of creative, friendly, excited and talented people flooding the halls. I felt excited to be a part of it!

Not to mention those wonderful Improper People I shared the table with; Ben Read and Laura Trinder, who were launching their beautiful new book Night Post. Bevis Musson who brought along Dead Queen Detectives and his portfolio containing original pages from Knight and Dragon. Chris Wildgoose, who was never without a line of people eagerly waiting for an original sketch in their copies of Porcelain or Butterfly Gate. And of course my partner in crime Matt Gibbs, who was signing copies of MULP with me.

Our table also boasted the new Porcelain: Bone China preview, which we were handing out to everyone for free, as well as an example of the shiny french hardcover edition of Porcelain, published by Delcourt! Chris also had some limited edition A3 Porcelain prints and I had my Jack Redpath and Jeanne Moreau prints.

As always, once the con got going I fell into my trend of doodling mice! And as always I gave certain characters a mousey makeover, this time however the inspiration for these were drawn from what was immediately available and given as convention prezzies to my table buddies. So a mousified Lady from Bone China riding Gog or Magog was given to Ben. Marie Antoinette Mouse sat atop a victoria sponge was of course from Bevis' DQD. And an iddy mouse Night Postman was for Laura in celebrating the launch of her book!

To say I thoroughly enjoyed myself is an understatement, I got to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in years, as well as catch up with those I've caught at conventions throughout the course of this year! Not to mention speaking with the amazingly lovely people who stopped by our table to pick up copies of our books, thank you all! :)

My Leeds experience was topped off by a quick 3 hour (I totally could have spent longer!) trip to the Royal Armouries Museum before our train home on Monday, where amongst so many sources for inspiration (I totally want to draw medieval and samurai mice) I found Jack's Webley Fosbery revolver.

Dan and I got to try our hands at firing a Lee Enfield rifle (which Genevieve uses in MULP: Sceptre of the Sun #1) on a virtual shooting range. And I proved to be a dead shot with a crossbow (once I'd gotten my eye in..)

Thought Bubble marked the last of the conventions I will be attending this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the other side of the table in this, my first year of exhibiting at conventions and eagerly await next year when MULP: Sceptre of the Sun #2 will be available!
See you all soon!

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