Thursday, 17 May 2012

Howard Daniels

Wow, can't quite believe that the Impossible Crossing Prologue has been up for a month now!

You can be sure I was spreading the word of this fan comic further at Bristol Expo, but now that all the festivities of the weekend are over, I think you are all due some character studies!

Let me introduce you to Harriet's father, Howard Daniels!

Howard is travelling Second Class with the rest of his family on Titanic. He has resigned to the fact that his eldest daughter, Harriet, is somewhat of a free spirit and endures her adventuring mind. It is through her adventures on Titanic that he meets the Doctor and between them sparks a mutual respect. 
The Doctor realises that Howard is more important that he could ever know!

Currently on the progress of issue 1, I have competed all thumbnails for the remaining pages and am ready to start drawing!! But to tie you over until I can show you some sneak peek panels, you'll meet the remaining 4 members of the Daniels family next.

Remember, if you STILL haven't read the prologue or you want to read it again, you can do so right here:

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