Monday, 28 May 2012

The Hairiest of all the Heroes: Captain Kelly!! (UPDATED!!)

HAIRY UPDATE: This is the final batch of development sketches and character studies that you'll see from me for Hairy Heroes I'm afraid! Recent developments have meant that my involvement in the project could not continue.
My previous posts and animations clips will remain on here though as a record of my work! Enjoy! :)

Hi there Hairies!

Ready for a rather long awaited Hairy Heroes update?
Currently Laura has completed the storyboards and the animatic for the Smooth Jason animation, and after thoroughly exploring the looks and movements of Jason (as can be seen here) so Laura has enough to work from, I'm now moving on and designing the other characters.

So let me introduce you to the leader of the band of renegade heroes, Captain Kelly!!

Captain Kelly had spent his life in the hairy army (Harmy), he had served in many wars after he joined as a young and fluffy spider. Over the years he was decorated for bravery and services to the Harmy, until one day he was thrown out after a dispute with senior hairy officers. 
Kelly vowed to keep his soldier instincts, he recruited his own eclectic mob of misfits and trained them up to become a crack troop (sort of), these recruits are known as Kelly’s Hairy Hero’s!

Kelly, like Jason, is based on a real spider species. He is a Huntsman Spider, a rather fierce and freaky looking spider indeed! I can tell you I found it rather difficult to research this one without running away in terror from the google image results! But I stuck it out, with my skin crawling and turned the freaky Huntsman into a furry and much friendlier looking Kelly!

I based Kelly's appearance on the British WWII Officer's uniform, with the webbed emblem on his hat, and the Arachnid Cross medal on his chest. The Huntsman's fearsome mandibles have been transformed into a big fluffy moustache befitting of the character, and the markings on his legs and bum  I decided to simplify from the sketch in profile above, so they resemble army camouflage!

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