Monday, 13 February 2012

Mad Apple Circus - Sticker Design

You remember that I'd been commissioned to animate a music video for the Bristol band, Mad Apple Circus??

The storyboards for 'Let the Jury Sing' are going well, however while going over them with Luke Wilson and Josh Chapman (vocals, guitarist, trumpet and a whole lot of music talent) Josh asked for a bit of extra help with a sticker design they'd had in mind, a sort of logo for the band!

He showed me his original doodle done on Paint and asked what I could do with it.

Well, the answer to that is right below!

A decision needs to be made about the black or red text, but soon you won't be able to go anywhere in Bristol without seeing this little guy stuck about the place!

If you want to see them live, here is a list of their upcoming gigs in Bristol!

24th Feb - MR WOLFS
9th March - THE PROM
10th March - MARLBOROUGH
7th April - THE CROFT
28th April - THEKLA (tbc)
22nd June - THE PROM
7th August - THE FLEECE (tbc)
22nd Sept - FROG FEST

You can find out more info about the band and upcoming events on their Facebook Page!

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