Friday, 17 February 2012

Into the Woods PUBLISHED!!!

I can now proudly say that I have in my possession a very shiny copy of Stacey Whittle's 'Into the Woods: A Fairytale Anthology'

I am so unbelievably psyched to be able to see my art in an actual book! From pencil sketches and digital files to a glossy, shiny, tangible something that you can hold and read and stuff!

It's incredible!

So let me share my joy with you with these few photos of the real thing!!

Cover art by Andy Bloor and Steven Howard

The contents page, and look! Red Riding Hood opens the book!!

And finally a quick snapshot of the first couple of pages of Red Riding Hood, words by Rich McAuliffe and pictures by me! :D

This will bring the count of my artwork published in books up to two now (the 1st being Sugar Glider Stories 2). And with Bayou Arcana WELL on it's way to completion, along with the Dark Harvest supplement due in May, my count shall soon rise!!

Stacey has herself blogged about her delight and pride at this wonderful creation we've all to put together under her guidance, as well as a whole load of notable stuff, which you can read right here!

Also Into the Woods has received it's first review by Luke Halstall of the Geek Syndicate. He said some very lovely things about Red Riding Hood:

"Red Riding Hood by Richard McAuliffe and Sara Dunkerton moves exciting through the story. Dunkerton’s use of light and dark is very effective. As the creative team slowly reveal the wolf, a chill will run down the reader’s spine using techniques such as the wolf’s eyes gleaming white as it is covered in darkness. Whereas Red is beaming in the light. Further the creative team have managed to implement their beats just right making every page turn all the sweeter."

You can read the full review here!

Now... I bet the question on your lips at the moment is where can you get your hands on a copy, right?!?
Well Into the Woods will be launching at Cardiff Expo on the 25th - 26th February, however if you can't make it there you can purchase a copy through Stacey's online shop!

Hope to have you join us in the Woods soon!

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  1. That's amazing Sara!!! When Stacey has it for sale in her shop I'm definitely going to purchase one! How exciting.. I can't wait :D I'll have to bring it down to mums so you can sign it when I'm down in April :D xxx