Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"... make it a Fishnets Double!"

Me: I'm sorry Lee, your christmas prezzie is gonna be kinda late, sooooo busy at the moment... By the way d'you know of any good pens for inking? I want to try a new technique for my comic projects.

Lee: Thats okay, try these dip pens *shares link* they should be good for drawing fishnets!! ;) *hint hint*

Me: Cheers Lee, I'll break them in by using them to draw your prezzie... if you don't mind waiting a lil longer!?

Lee: I can wait... but maybe make it a Fishnets Double!?! :D

So I did!
Black Canary and Zatanna drawn as a (very belated) christmas present for the lovely Lee Grice!

I used a combination of dip ink pens and brush pens to in this image. I plan on experimenting with integrating a bolder inked outline with my usual textured digital painting style for my current cmic projects: Alex's Doctor Who comic and the top secret project with Matt Gibbs! Playing around with the pens by drawing Lee's present gave me a chance to get a feel for them... and create something pretty for him too!! :)

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