Monday, 19 December 2011

Hairy Hero Smooth Jason - More character studies!!

Hey there Hairies!

Here're more studies for Jason. I've started to draw up a more concise study of the character from all angles with colour, so Laura and I can use it as reference when animating!

I've got the Front and Back views for you now

I firstly drew Jason unclothed to get an idea of how his body shape, markings and how his anatomy could work, and then I set about dressing him.
The colour swatches along the bottom will allow Laura and I to pick and use those exact colours when we animate.

Now I bet you are all wondering why on earth Jason is blue... there's no such thing as a blue spider!!?? Guess again!

Jason is a Peacock Parachute Spider and the colours I used were taken directly from this photograph of the real thing!

Who knew spiders could be so pretty, right!??

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