Monday, 12 December 2011

Hairy Hero Smooth Jason - Character studies

Hey there Hairies!

Today I shall introduce you to a smooth little customer. He's stylish, got an eye for the ladies, he's just a little bit lazy and can't pass up an opportunity to look himself in the mirror!!

He's Smooth Jason!

Jason here will be the first character that sees animation, his story will be the first that Laura, Clive and I adapt for your viewing pleasure!
Clive is working on the story backbone (which you can read here) Laura will be working on adapting the prose to script for storyboarding. And yours truly will be having fun playing with the characters!

So watch out for the next Hairy Heroes installment, with some 360 colour studies of Jason!!


  1. You can get some great expressions in all those eyes! :)

  2. Hey Robin! Thanks!
    Thats the plan anyway! :D