Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Doctor Who Comic - 8th Doctor Character Studies

Greetings Whovians!!

You may, or may not know that Doctor Who celebrated it's 48th birthday today!! :D

And so to mark this momentous occasion I thought I would post up the first of many Character studies for the Doctor Who comic project (that I've finally started) being written by Alex.

You may remember a couple of posts previously that featured a Doctor doodle or two, but here I have been refining the style and method for drawing the 8th Doctor that I can carry through an entire comic.
I kinda think I was getting the hang of drawing McGann in the end!
What d'you think? :)

The comic will be a total of 5 issues long, 22 pages per issue, and will be one of the longest projects I have ever taken on!!
I don't want to give too much of the story away now, but I'll give you a couple tidbits to keep you guessing! ;)
For the most part, the story takes place in the year 1912. It revolves around an epic moment in world history. And involves something in the 'Who' timeline that previously has only been speculated over!!

Stay tuned for more character studies coming soon!! :D

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