Monday, 14 November 2011

Dark Harvest: Illustrations of the Legacy of Frankenstein.

G'morning Prometheans!!

Sorry for the lack of activity on here of late, but if you had read my last post then you'll all know that I've been working frantically to reach the finish line on Bayou Arcana, Red Riding Hood and the Dark Harvest Illustration commission!

Well from here on in folks, I'm happy to say that I can start cashing in some of those promises I made in the last post!!!

Red Riding hood is, as you'll know, FINIIISHED!! And I'm pleased to say that some art from that will be revealed very very soon! So stay tuned! :D

Bayou Arcana "Promises" is also FIIIINIIIISHED!!!! It's lettered and the complete files as preferred by Markosia have been handed over to Jimmy Pearson to be collected with the other stories. The deadline for all BA stories is January next year, so you'll have a while to wait till you can see the real thing, however I've requested that I blog a lettered page to keep your appetites wetted! ;)

And finally, the last bit of Dark Harvest (for the moment) is also... yup, you guessed it.. FIIIIIIIIINIIIIIISHED!!!!!

And here are some long awaited sneaky peeks!!

These images are cropped sections of larger illustrations that will be appearing alongside short stories from the Dark Harvest mythos, in the second published book!

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