Friday, 2 September 2011

Dark Harvest, Create a Character: Senior Mechanician Smylzo Kaldu

A while ago Dark Harvest held a Create a Character Competition, inviting fans of the RPG to send in ideas for an original character to be officially integrated into the RPG cast!

Two winners have been selected and I have been asked to take their characters and bring them to life on paper! The final character concepts will be published on the Dark Harvest website and a print of my work will be given to each winner!
So without further a-do, I present to you the 1st winning character: Senior Mechanician Smylzo Kaldu!

This fantastic character was created by Richard, who went into such brilliant detail in his description (and even sourced some very very helpful images) that it wasn't at all hard to visualise Smylzo Kaldu.
So easy in fact that I came up with 3 sketches! In each sketch he is holding one of various effects his carries around; a deck of loaded Tarot Cards, a large handmade Masterwork watch, a custom case containing his Watchmaker's Lathe, and a silver Maria-Theresa Austrian Thaler coin.

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