Saturday, 18 June 2011

Red Riding Hood - Character Studies

When I heard that Small Press Big Mouth's fabulous Stacey Whittle was putting together a Fairy tale Comics Anthology I just HAD to put myself forward!!
Sinister little tales, enchanted forests and magical beasties? Count me in!! :D

The story that caught my eye was Rich McAuliffe's riff of Red Riding Hood, granted a tale that has seen many an incarnation, but none with such humor and simple twisted irony as Rich's version!

So without further a-do, let me introduce you to our leading Lady.
I give you Miss Hood herself!

Rich used the typical setting from the traditional Red Riding Hood tale, so Red is wearing a kinda standard peasant girl style dress and of course her cloak and hood!
For reference I was pointed in the direction of Alicia Witt; a young, stunning red haired beauty is what was required for this story!

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