Sunday, 27 March 2011

Last, but by no means least...

The final character for "Promises" (and I promise that he really is the last to design!)
I introduce to you the Captain of the fastest ferry boat on the Arcana River!

Matt's description for him was: "Courteous but solemn, The Captain is unnerving in a way hard to describe - he has wrestled with his demons and literally stuck a bargain, but is saddened by every soul he delivers. Think tall and strong, but kindly, pocked cheeks hiding behind mutton chop whiskers."

His likeness is based on actor; Alun Armstrong.

The clothing for this guy was a bit of a no brainer... Peaked captain hat and a big 'ol greatcoat! There wasn't much to research here, making him the quickest character to design.
His greatcoat is buttoned up against the changeable swamp climate and shows signs of long weathering, as do his ruddy cheeks and hardened features. A light coloured scarf, hardy boots and of course the hat top off the Captain's outfit.

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