Monday, 13 September 2010

Octopus E sting UPDATE!!

Okay so, I have been keeping regular tabs on the E4 website for any news on the 2010 launch of the E sting competition, and so far have had no luck!
I've commented along with many other people on the E4 E stings page:

Posted on: Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 06:46 pm

I'm sure the competition last year launched in July and closed in August. Could someone from E4 please let us budding Sting-makers know!! We're dying here!! >.<

And there was no further response... So I found a contact on the Channel 4 website for asking direct queries
and sent them an email, this is what I said:

I am interested in entering an animation for the annual E4 E sting competition. I wonder if it is possible for someone to contact me and let me know if the competition is going ahead this year. I have started animating my entry despite there being no news of when the competition launches for 2010, and regular checks to the E sting page on has yielded no further information! As the competition launched in previous years during the summer months I am concerned that it might not open at all this year! Please could you let me know if this is so. Thank you!!

And this is what they have replied:

Dear Sara,
Thank you for contacting with your enquiry.
I have escalated this issue to the site producer and await a response.

So I am still waiting for a definitive answer on what is going on... BUT in the meantime I am continuing with the animating regardless!!
I estimate that I am about half done,
and am pondering on the best way to give you all a taste without revealing too much before the competition (if there is a competition...)

Stay tuned!!! :D

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