Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Octopus E sting, another UPDATE!!

Last time I left you, I was waiting for a more definitive answer on when or whether the E Sting competition was happening this year.
A week later and I still hadn't heard anything back, so I decided to contact them again!:

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my email!
I am contacting you again to ask if there has been any further information regarding the launch of the E Sting competition.
I notice that a few more people have commented on the E Stings page since the comment I left before contacting you directly. It seems that there are plenty of people willing to participate in this annual competition and would very much appreciate some information on if or when it is going ahead this year.

Thank you for your time!
Sara Dunkerton

And just today I have received this in response!!!

The annual e-stings competition has not started yet but should be launching over the Autumn/Winter period of this year.

Okay, so it isn't an extremely informative answer, but at least it's some confirmation that the competition is indeed going ahead this year!!

So as always, stay tuned!! :D

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