Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"Sir.... We're here"

Page 1 panel 3/4, taken directly from my roughs, without much else done to it compositionally.

To explain what is happening here I'll give you bit of a sneaky peek at the script for this page!!

Page One

Panel One: covering the entire top half of the page, panel one shows a section of a map of the known world - NEWFOUNDLAND being the centre piece - Spread out across a desk with various navigational instruments to accompany it. In the bottom right hand corner is the visible hand of LIEUTENANT JAMES ARTHUR BISHOP.
1. Caption: SEPTEMBER 23rd, 1789

Panel Two: Mid-range shot of Lieutenant Bishop hunched over his desk studying the map, hands on the surface, head down. He wears his military uniform though a long overcoat covers all but the front, and hit tri-corner hat lies on the desk in front of him. Off-panel to the right of the image, PRIVATE THOMAS HAYWORTH calls to him.

2. Hayworth: SIR?

Panel Three: Panels three and four are one image split into two. On panel three Bishop still stands hunched over the desk, though his head is now turned to the right (his left) to where Hayworth is standing.


Panel Four: The other half of the image. Private Hayworth stands near the doorway with his hat in his hands and his arms behind his back. He looks nervous, but intent on remaining composed, and proper.

4. Hayworth: SIR...

Page Two

Panel One: Splash/title page, revealing that we are on a ship, with Hayworth and Bishop now standing at the bow. Ahead of us is the rocky landscape of Newfoundland. Directly in front is the port of ST JOHN'S, one of several settlements on Newfoundland, and Bishop's port of call.

1. Caption (Hayworth cont.): "... WE'RE HERE."

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