Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cardiff Independent Comic Expo 2017 - MULP #4 Launch!

Saturday the 8th of July saw the return of Cardiff Independent Comic Expo and the launch of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issue 4!

Matt and I were bringing the smiles (and copious giggles) with our all ages array, including all four issues of MULP and Knight and Dragon, and I also had my portfolio displaying the original artworks for the covers and splash pages within all four issues.

This was a fab little con to go to, being just over the bridge from Bristol made it perfect for us to rock up for the day. And what a day!

It was great to see a steady trickle of people filtering through the hall, adults and children alike! Thank you for all of those who stopped by to chat, and I hope that anyone who picked up Issue 1 enjoys it enough to continue the adventure!

It was also awesome to catch up with everyone as usual (you guys are the best!) and even better to know that we'd be seeing a few of you the following weekend at Swindon's Incredible Comic Shop book signing!

Special shout out to event producer and grand master of all things fabulous, that Iz McAuliffe who was certainly the lady of the hour come the end of the Expo. She put on a fab show, bringing together a wonderful pool of talent, as well as engaging panels and retro gaming areas. Huge thanks to her for having us there!

Along with the launch of MULP #4 we have also been excited to showcase the wonderful pin up art for the latest issue, provided for us by the amazingly talented Jennie Gyllblad!

I reserved Jennie months in advance to do this pin up for us, she and I have been friends since we went to uni together (you may actually see her featured in the very first few posts of this blog!) I just knew my beloved bird-brained mate would be perfect for this issue's pin up. And I was right! Those feathers in her mixed media illustration were provided by her budgie Ruffles!

Check out Jennie's work (some of it NSFW) on her website:
And her autobiographical webcomic Jenspiration:

Pipedream Comics: CICE Indie Round Up

Alex Thomas of Pipedream comics has put together a round up of some of his best bits features at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, including a lovely insight into the 4th issue of MULP

 "As we have come to expect from MULP, Gibbs brings together all the classic elements of 1930s pulp adventuring, from crazed natives to jungle temples and fedora wearing heroes which is then brought to life by some utterly magical artwork from Dunkerton – especially in the mountain top jungle temple scenes which are just breath taking and supremely detailed!"

Thank you so much Alex!!

Downthetubes: MULP #4 Preview

If anyone wanted a little sneak preview of the 4th issue, then that lovely Jeremy Briggs provides you with one on Go and check it out!

MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issue #4 is now available in supporting comic shops in the UK! 

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