Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Nottingham Comic Con, 2015

On Saturday 24th October Matt and I we're delighted to attend Nottingham Comic Con for the first time as guests!

A huge thank you to Kev Brett who invited us along and to the organisers who put on an excellent spred, the hall was a delight to walk around!
Making the delightful atmosphere were the people of Nottingham, who it really seems like their rodents. I certainly geeked out a little bit with a few fellow rat owners, and a lady who had a pygmy hedgehog! Massive thanks to anyone who stopped by to chat and buy a book!

Whilst wondering around I caught up with a few old friends, including Clockwork Watch's Corey Brotherson and Yomi Ayeni who had brought along with them someone I did not expect to see!

Byron the bear! Based on a character from Corey's Magic of Myths series, Byron was needle felted by myself back in 2013, I blogged the making process here! Since then he's toured conventions as the boys' mascot and has even survived a few San Diego Comic Cons! I'm very pleased to see he's looking as good as new and that he's being well looked after.

Also during my wanderings through the convention I bumped into the boys from the Awesome Comics Podcast, where they got me to have a little natter about MULP with them!
They've put my bit of an interview up with their Halloween Special episode, so go take a listen! (interview starts at 00:11:30)

Similarly, following the convention the lovely Gary Watson wrote a fab review on MULP #1 for Comics Anonymous

"The glorious character designs from Sara keep each of them individually recognizable which is no mean feat for a cast of mice and the muted tones in the colouring seems to emphasize that pulp theme which I’ve always been a sucker for. "

Thank you so much for the kind words Gary!

The next convention we'll be attending will be Thought Bubble in Leeds, on the 14th - 15th November, and it'll be our last of the year. There'll have some news regarding that soon!

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  1. Hi Sara, looks like your getting back into the convention swing, will MULP 2 be gracing Thought Bubble?