Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Themed Portraits - Rocket Death Dog

This latest themed portrait is a rather unique one, just like that guy who commissioned it!
It kinda meandered slightly from the original pitch of being a Bioshock 1/Fallout 3 portrait and mutated into an amalgamation of this guys favourite things.

Wearing the Pip Boy from Fallout and the Nike shoes from Back to the Future 2, brandishing the Wrench from Bioshock and riding his fearsome steed, a Tibetan Mastiff called Rocket, into battle. I give you Izaak!

Do you have loads of favourite things, and can't choose which to theme your portrait with? Well, do what Izaak did and mix it all up! Get in touch and I can sort it out!

For information on pricing and types of portrait I offer, click here!

Please note, as with portraits featuring vehicles, if you wish to include a large animal to ride the pricing is subject to change.

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