Monday, 12 August 2013

Chu Totoro

Hey there Ghibli fans!

You may remember that I made a needle felted Totoro plushie, then before him the little white Chibi Totoro
Well the other night I finally got round to completing the set by making the blue Chu Totoro, complete with his little sack of acorns!

As always, here's a brief run down of how I made this little guy:

Like with the others I started with a drawn guide to make the initial egg shaped body in scale with the other Totoro plushies I'd made. 
Then, similar to Totoro I felted two small sausages for his arms, then attached them to the body.

 Next felt a small fat teardrop shape for his tail, and two small teardrops for his ears and attach them to the body.

 Now we roll a small amount of white wool and carefully felt it into a circular shape on his belly in very much the same way as I did for Totoro previously. Same goes for his little boomerang like markings, carefully felt the outline in first to get the correct shape, then fill in the middle.

Lastly roll two very small balls of white for his eyes and felt them into place. For the finishing touches I glued on two small black beads for his pupils and felted a simple brown bag, which I curled his arm around and felted it all securely into place to make him carry it.

And there you have it!

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