Monday, 1 April 2013

Grandville - Bete Noir fan art

Oh wow... it's been a while since I've posted anything up on here hasn't it!? 
*blows away dust and cobwebs* ... poor old Blog!

Sorry about that guys! I've totally got a good reason for the radio silence though! Been busy beavering away at Doctor Who: Impossible Crossing issue 2, and another totally awesome comic project with writer, Matt Gibbs (which I am DYING to show you all stuff from, but I can't... not yet...)

Anyway, I plan on making more regular posts on here showing sneak peeks at panels from DW:IC #2 and progress updates, plus anything else fun I get up to! So please don't give up on it yet!

For now though, let me leave you with this bit of Grandville: Bete Noir fan art I did a while back. I got Bete Noir for christmas and just had to draw Billie on that awesome Steampunk motorbike!  

Grandville written and illustrated by Bryan Talbot. Check out for the latest news and events, and also glimpse this bit of fan art on the site too!! 


  1. Excellent work! While I've never heard of Grandville: Bete Noir before now, I'll certainly look it up. This looks like an interesting character, conceptually.

    Thanks for dusting off the blog (allergies ya know)I'll be sure to check back often!

    1. Thanks Stephen! I'll be glad to know that you'll look in on the 'ol blog now and then!

      As for Grandville, if you like the look of this piece here then you'll love the comics! Bete Noir is the 3rd book in the Grandville series, so you might want to start from the beginning. Each book is fantastic though, and full of great little easter eggs for any one with a sharp eye and knowledge of art history!
      I hope you enjoy!!
      Thanks again! :D