Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Coningsby Show, London!

Monday 5th July, and the sun is barely up when my alarm goes off at 5am!!
Yes, it was an early start for me and the rest of the Illustration gang yesterday! We had to get to Bower Ashton Campus bright and early to load the coach with all our work; wrapped, packed and ready to go on the journey to the Coningsby Gallery in London!

After a 4 hour journey and a nap on the coach we arrived in Tottenham Road at around 11.30 am,where we unloaded all our bubble wrapped work and set about hanging the show. The Private View was due to kick off at 6.30 pm, so roughly 40 sleep-deprived students and 3 coffee craving tutors set to work; hammering, painting, arranging, handing out invites and most importantly, getting drinks!
Once everything was up and ready for the public we had to freshen ourselves up and look smart for the event, and let me tell you, that took a bit of doing! Not only were we all zombified and baggy-eyed, but the gallery could have done with some air conditioning!!

The night was a blast, defiantly one I will treasure! The show looks fantastic, the atmosphere was amazing and it was great to be there on what could possibly be the last time weare all together!
I will defiantly miss everyone on the course; from the people I am closest to (we will defiantly have to arrange regular meet ups!!), to those I regret not getting to know more (be sure to stay in touch!). And not forgetting my three wonderful tutors who will be sure to receive phone calls and emails asking for advice!

So in memory of BA (Hons) Illustration 2007 - 2010, welcome to our show!!

Firstly, this is the little corner where you'll find my work. As the gallery space had to accommodate everyone we were limited to a particular number and size of frames.
These are the 3 images I selected.

Underneath the following photos I'll write the name of the illustrator featured and attach a link to their blog or website so you can check them out!
These are Christine's dogs on the door.
Another Ash Clarke
More of Kirsty's wire sculptures.
Owen Gatley and another Christine Lau..
Tengku Adam's prints on the walls around the cupboards containing 3D work
Christian Norman's Glasses, and a collection of 3D work.
Books and sculptures and things, you may be able to spot my Bristol Short Story Book on the middle shelf on the left, behind Rich's Alice in Wonderland!
Jonathan Dodds and Adam's animation playing on the monitor. The Owl and the Pussy Cat made an appearance on the reel too!!
Cei Willis, Megan Warre and Ash Clarke's prints.

Well there you have it!
The exhibition is on this week till Friday, if your able to get there please check it out! (address and details in the sidebar)

From here on out we're released into the wide world!! Stay posted on here for whatever is in store for me and my career! And the very best of luck to everyone else!
These past three years have certainly been "Legend-wait for it, and I hope your not lactose intolerant-Dary!!"

(*) The quote is from Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, played by Neil Partick Harris... If you don't watch it, you should!!


  1. This is awesome, Sara! What a cool way to document it.

    (Just one thing, you spelt my name wrong, sadface sadface. It's Lotte, without the i.)

  2. OMG!!! I am SOOOOOOOO Sorry!!!!
    And I remember you were saying how your name was spelt wrong on the website too!!
    *drops head in shame*

    Don't worry I'll correct it now!