Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Themed Portraits - Opening for Commission TODAY!

Hi everyone!
Back around Halloween last year I did a trial run of Zombie Portrait Commissions, these proved quite popular so I have spent the last few months developing a broader range of themed portraits!

And I can happily say that today I am OPEN FOR COMMISSION!

So if you ever fancied seeing yourself as your favourite historic, sports or literary character, or you're looking for the perfect personalised gift for a friend then take a look at what I have for you:

Step 1: Choose Your Theme!

Listed below are a very broad range of general and literary themes to inspire you! Simply pick one straight from the list or suggest ideas to make it more personal.

I am totally open to suggestion!

Horror - Zombies
    - Vampires
    - Werewolves
    - Frankenstein

Fantasy - Fairies/Pixies
     - Mermaids/Mermen
     - Trolls/Gremlins
     - Winged people

Sci-fi - Robots/Androids
  - Aliens
  - Astronauts/Spacemen

Sports - Football
   - Motor Racing
   - Tennis
   - Cricket

Historical - Roman Centurian/Gladiator
 - Medevil Knights/Arthurian Legend
 - Wild West Cowboys/Indians
 - Pirates
 - Victoriana

Fairy Tale - Red Riding Hood
 - Snow White
 - Cinderella
 - Rapunzel  
 - Jack and the Beanstalk

 - Alice                       - Mad Hatter
 - March Hare            - Dormouse
 - White Rabbit          - Cheshire Cat
 - Queen of Hearts     - Playing Card Henchman
 - Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee 

Sherlock Holmes
 - Sherlock
 - Watson
 - Moriarty

 - Dorothy                            - Cowardly Lion
 - Scarecrow                         - Tin Man
 - Good Witch of the North  - Flying Monkey
 - Wicked Witch of the West

 - Peter Pan           - Wendy
 - Tinkerbell          - Lost Boys
 - Captain Hook    - Smee
 - Tiger Lily

The Three Musketeers
 - D’Artagnon               - Athos
 - Porthos                      - Aramis
 - Cardinal Richelieu    - Milady de Winter 
 - Macbeth  
 - Romeo and Juliet
 - A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Step 2: Choose Your Portrait Type!

Is it a portrait for one? Are you doubling up with a friend? Or are we going for a group shot?
Take a look at the Full Body and Head & Shoulder portrait types that I offer and see what’s best for you!

Head & Shoulders Portraits

Single Head & Shoulders - £10
A5 portrait with approx 11cm x 11cm drawing area.

Double Head & Shoulders - £12
A5 landscape with approx 11cm x 14cm drawing area.

Triple Head & Shoulders - £14
A5 landscape with approx 11cm x 17cm drawing area.

Full Body Portraits

Single Full Body - £14
A4 sized with approx 21cm x 18cm drawing area.

Double Full Body - £17
A4 sized with approx 21cm x 11cm drawing area.

Triple Full Body - £20
A4 sized with approx 21cm x 14cm drawing area.

Plus £1.50 P&P on all commissions for UK postal orders!
Specs and prices for groups larger than three will be determined by commission requirements

Step 3: Get In Touch!

Once you’ve chosen a theme and a portrait type let me know about your idea and I’ll make it happen! Contact me via email:

Please include in your request photos of the people that are to be drawn (the larger the variety of pics the better) and any specific reference for your chosen theme, and I can get started!
I can accept online payments via Paypal to the email address stated above.


Still undecided? Let's have a look at a few examples of what the final portraits look like!

Single Head & Shoulders: "En garde!" Alex chose to be drawn as a Musketeer!

Single Head and Shoulders: SPBM's Lovely Lee donned in WWII bomber gear, in the style of Oddball from Kelly's Heroes!

Single Head & Shoulders: The Good, The Bad and... Josh!? Western Cowboy theme drawn in the style of Clint Eastwood.

Single Full Body: My petrol head Dad went for the sporting theme with his motorbike and Ford Focus team overalls.

Single Full Body: Taking a more theatrical turn now with Ian as Shakespeare's Macbeth!

Double Full Body: Gem and I fly high! My sister and I opted for a more fantasy portrait, she is sporting Cardinal wings and I have those of a Kestrel! This is also a nice example of the versatility of these commissions!

So there you have it, your imagination really is the limit with these portraits! So if you fancy one then please get in touch!

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