Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pet Portraits - Romana the Rat!

Since I'd made it a bit of a trend to draw my pet rats as their namesakes with River and Kaylee previously, I thought it was high time I drew my new girls!

Let me introduce Romana!

Romana is a ruby eyed, Siamese dumbo rat, and is only 7 or 8 weeks old in this photo! She's the sweetest and most friendly rat I've ever owned, even at this age she would come to the cage door and lick your fingers!

She is named after the 4th Doctor's companion in Doctor Who. Romana in Doctor Who was also a Time Lord (or Time Lady) and appeared as two incarnations when she regenerated. Because of Romana's sweet and friendly nature I have named her after Romana's second incarnation, played by Lalla Ward.

So here she is wearing her pink coat and long white scarf, mimicking the 4th Doctor's outfit, sat on a jelly baby!

This illustration was coloured using Copic Markers.
I have so much fun doing pet portraits, and am always happy for people to get in touch with requests! So if you'd like a portrait of your pet like this then drop me an email: sara-dunkerton@hotmail.com

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