Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Incredible Comic Shop signing - Swindon 2017

A couple of weekends ago (I'm catching up with my blog posts slightly!) Matt and I took MULP to Swindon!

We received an invite from Sarah Harris to attend a Small Press signing event at The Incredible Comic Shop along with the likes of Matt Garvey (Cordelia Swift, The Ether), Vince Hunt (Red Mask From Mars, The Awesome Comics Podcast), Nick Prolix (The Sheep and The Wolves), Gavin Mitchell (The Trolltooth Wars) and Emily Owen (Brain Shoodles).

With a line up like that it was guaranteed to be a great day!

As usual, our table was sporting Knight and Dragon, MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issues #1-3, and the brand new issue #4 which had launched at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo the weekend before! As well as my portfolio with original artworks from all four issues of MULP.

It was fantastic to see so many people come by to take a look! The store was large enough to have all of us set up towards the rear with our banners and books, leaving the regulars enough room to pick up their weekly pull list and then mosey on in further to see what was going on. Which was the whole point! This event was great in drawing in people who regularly only read the Big two and discover the wealth of talent that is Small Press Comics! It really did feel more like a mini convention!

Sarah and the guys at The Incredible Comic Shop did a great job in organising and publicising the event, so much so that there was rarely ever a quiet moment and most who came over to take a look stopped to chat with each and every one of us there!

Sarah had also stocked a few shelves with a hand picked selection of Small Press titles that, along with all four issues of MULP and the books from everyone else at the signing, are now available to purchase from The Incredible Comic Shop!
So if you only picked up the first issue or so of MULP and you want more, thanks to Sarah you can now buy the rest from your own local comic shop!

It really was an absolutely brilliant day! I think my face in this photo sums up how much fun I had!

The event may have only lasted a few hours during the store's opening times, but a steady stream of people filtered through and came away happy and enlightened to Small Press. A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat and buy our books. I really do hope you enjoy them enough to visit the store again and pick up the other titles on offer!

The shop staff were fantastic, very welcoming and interested in everything we had to offer. A massive thank you for having us there and for stocking our books also! You guys were great!

And the biggest of thank yous to that wonderful technicoloured master of Small Press, Sarah Harris! You absolute legend! Not only for getting us all together, single handedly brining Small Press to Swindon, but for organising such a successful event, which I really do feel more places aught to adopt. AND for supplying us with lunch and homemade cookies!

Here's a little video taken at the signing by The Incredible Comic Shop's very own John as posted on the store's Facebook page:

Pipedrem Comics Show Report: Swindon Small Press Signing

Alex Thomas of Pipedream Comics also wrote a lovely round up of The Incredible Comic Shop signing. It was lovely to see you there Alex, thanks for stopping by! - MULP issue #4 In Review

MULP: Sceptre of the Sun issue #4 had it's first review thanks to the lovely Jeremy Briggs of 

"MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun issue 4 imperils our heroes as never before whilst setting them up for the final part of the story when hopefully they, and we, will finally discover exactly what the Sceptre  of the Sun is as Matt Gibbs and Sara Dunkerton bring this delightful tale to its conclusion."

Thank you once again Jeremy for the review! Read the full review, along with reviews and sneak peeks of all previous issues of MULP, by following the link.

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