Friday, 19 June 2015

Themed Portraits - Why So Serious?

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the silence. After Wonderlands Con I had a bunch of MULP to catch up on so commissions had to be postponed for a while.

But I'm back on it in full force and will share with you all that I am able!

This Themed Portrait is one that I completed recently, and I'm rather pleased with how it's come out!
Though half the job was done for me in the sense that the subject of the portrait is Joker obsessed and cosplays as Heath Ledger's Joker often, complete with spot on impersonation!

So Darran…. Why so serious?? 

This commission was colour using Copic Markers.
If you would like a portrait of yourself like this, or you know someone who would, then please drop me an email:

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